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Pocket flow guide

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Flow cytometry is an invaluable technology used in a wide variety of biological research. However there are many things to remember during a flow experiment.

To help with this we have created a handy pocket version of our popular flow cytometry guide which contains a basic overview of all the important features of flow cytometry, from instrument to experiment.

Designed as a quick reference guide when you are in the lab it contains checklists and tips to ensure your experiment will be a success.

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Flow cytometry is an invaluable technology with the ability to generate a wide variety of biological data. However it is a complex technique which can be overwhelming particularly if you are at the beginning of your flow journey.

Our popular Flow Cytometry Basics Guide provides an essential tool to understand all the important facets of flow cytometry including how to optimize your experiments, what controls to use to get reliable data, and how to build multicolor panels.

You can download the full and/or pocket size of the guide HERE or resquests a printed copy by completing the form HERE.