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Flow Paradigm

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ICCE certified instructors with 20 years experience in flow cytometry and assay development can deliver basic, intermediate, and advanced training tailored to your needs. We can ensure rapid assay development and implementation, using theoretical and hands-on training conducted at your site, using your assays and your instruments.

When you don't have the resources or time, we can do it for you. We can carry your cell lines or patient samples and characterize them using flow cytometry. If you want to do the staining, but don't have a cytometer, we can run them for you. Whatever your flow needs are, we can support them. 

Founder, Dana Buckman


Educators at Flow Paradigm will come to your facility and teach your employees both theoretical knowledge of flow cytometry and hands-on practical knowledge. These classes can be tailored to your needs depending on the level of prior knowledge of your employees and for the particular assays that you expect to be doing.

Basic flow cytometry theory and applications: cell cycle, apoptosis, GFP analysis, basic phenotyping

Advanced flow cytometry and applications: intracellular staining, multi color assay design, rare cell staining

Flow Cytometry Lab Design

The design of a new flow cytometry lab can be a complex process. Many considerations need to be taken into account, including:

Optimal bench heights, available power, workflow and analysis space design, waste disposal, accessory instrumentation needs, biohazard evaluations, number of users in lab space, hood and ventilation requirements, and much more.

Ascertaining the details and evaluating the requirements is an intregral part of designing your flow lab.

Leveraging our experience can greatly simplify this process. The right answers come from asking the right questions the first time.

We ensure that the maximum functionality and efficiency is built in to the lab with the least amount of up front effort and expenditure.

Equipment Maintenance

Instrument maintenance is key to getting good data. We will do monthly maintenance for you and basic PMs

When your instrument is having issues, we will come to your site to help troubleshoot whether it is the instrument or your assay

If it is the instrument that is having troubles, we will do basic repairs to avoid a costly call to the service engineer

Assay Design and Troubleshooting

Assay Design: What biological questions are you asking? Is flow cytometry the tool you would like to use to answer them? We will work with you to determine what type of assays you need and how to develop them properly with the right controls.

Troubleshooting: Are you running flow cytometry assays that are giving you answers that don't make sense? When you are having trouble getting an assay to work the way it should, we will go through your process step by step with you to determine what aspects need to be changed to give you more informative data. Always ask the question, does this make biological sense? If it doesn't, then there is something in the assay that needs to be fixed.

Analysis and Interpretation

Analysis: Are you overwhelmed by the amount of data generated and don't have enough time to analyze it? We can analyze your data for you. Send us your FCS files with the assay setup and we can get the data to you quickly, whether 1 color or 10.

Interpretation: We can help you interpret your data and plan future experiments to understand your model system.