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Flow Cytometry Training at the Babraham (UK)

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These flow cytometry courses are interactive, lecture and exercise based courses given by experts in the field who can share their in-depth knowledge of an evolving technology.   These courses are ideal for those using Flow Cytometry in Industry and Academia.  Over 250 people have already been training on these very popular flow cytometry courses.
These modular courses are linked and have been designed to build up knowledge of flow cytometry to ensure that the delegate is confident to design, carry out, analyse and present their flow cytometry data.

Module 1: £315 (plus VAT)
​This module is aimed at those new to flow cytometry and those wanting to understand the basics of the technology before attending Module 2.  This can be taken as a standalone course or can be taken as a building block for the next module.

‘Very nice course to get you started.  A lot of useful information, but not overwhelming for a full day’s course.’
Module 2: £630 (plus VAT)
The follow up two day module takes the knowledge from Module 1 and builds on it to give the delegates confidence in designing, running, analysing and presenting their flow cytometry data.

'This course was recommended to me by a lot of people and I will join the chorus to recommend this course to anyone who needs help with flow cytometry.’

For further information about the Modules including Learning Objectives, click here.