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Flow Cytometry Course 2018

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Scientific Organisers: Dr Peter O'Toole, Mr Derek Davies, Dr Stephen Couzens and Dr Karen Hogg

This course is aimed at both life science and clinical science fields, with the common fundamentals covered on day 1 and 2. The course then splits into life science and clinical orientated modules, from practical demonstrations to lectures highlighting not just the applications, but best practise as well.

The course is constructed as a set of three modules. You can elect to attend the Course from between two to five days, depending on the Modules selected.

The Modules consist of lectures interspersed with sessions in the laboratory. It is anticipated that instruments from three manufacturers will be available for practical work.

For Module 1, no prior knowledge of flow cytometry is assumed. It will give you a firm grounding in the basics of flow cytometry. There is also a strong emphasis on practical application and four practical sessions are included.

The later Modules assume that you have some basic knowledge of flow cytometry (which can be obtained by taking Module 1).

Module 2, Clinical Applications, will include practical sessions and lectures on applications including immunophenotyping leukaemias, quality control, applications to transplantation and blood transfusion, apoptosis, AIDS and cytokines.

Module 3, Applications in Cell Biology, will include a study of the DNA histogram and the cell cycle, measuring cell cycle kinetics in cultures and in tumours in vivo, using labelling with bromodeoxyuridine, the measurement of cell cycle related proteins, cytokines, apoptosis (including practical work) microbiology.

Generally the instruments used are BD Canto II and Beckman Coulter FC500.

Course Fees 
Full Course and accommodation 
Standard registration fee £1,475
Member registration fee £1,335

Basic Course and accommodation 
Standard registration fee £735
Member registration fee £665

Advanced Course and accommodation 
Standard registration fee £1,095
Member registration fee £995

Course Structure 
There are 3 registration options available for the Flow Cytometry Course
The Full course – Five days, Monday 10 September to Friday 14 September 
The Basic course – Two days, Monday 10 September and Tuesday 11 September
The Advanced course – Three days, Wednesday 12 September to Friday 14 September

Each registration option has an accompanying Accommodation Package. Please see below for a breakdown of each accommodation package.  

For the Full course and Advanced course, delegates are asked to make a selection between Clinical Application and Applications in Cell Biology.