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FloWise Scientific - Flow Cytometry Consultants & Training

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FloWise Scientific is an independent company which offers flow cytometry consultancy services and organizes courses and meeting in flow cytometry in the UK and Europe.



Tel: +44 78866 5 22 00

Flow Cytometry Consultancy

Based on 10 years of flow cytometry experience, we offer assistance with any of these flow cytometry applications:

  • Basics flow cytometry training
  • Multi-colour flow cytometry
  • Cell cycle analysis
  • Proliferation assays by flow cytometry
  • QC (daily and weekly) on flow cytometry instruments
  • Apoptosis analysis
  • More advanced training is provided too

Flow Cytometry Courses

We offer a number of flow cytometry courses in the UK and Europe - dates will be published soon.


  • Compensation and spectral overlap meeting
  • Multi-Colour flow cytometry meeting

Training (one-to-one or small groups)

We offer basic and advanced flow cytometry and data analysis training on the following instruments:

  • BD FACSCalibur
  • BD LSR
  • BD FACSCanto II
  • BD LSRFortessa
  • Beckman Coulter CyAn ADP

Advice will be given on cell sorting applications with some training and trouble shooting on BD FACSVantage and BD FACSAria II