Invitation to Contribute to the Special Issue on Dynamics of natural microbial communities in Cytometry, Part A

On behalf of Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Attila Tárnok, we would like to invite you to submit an original research or review article for the Special Issue of Cytometry, Part A focused on Dynamics of natural microbial communities.

Natural microbial communities affect human life in countless ways, ranging from global biogeochemical cycles to the treatment of waste water and health via the human microbiome. In order to probe, monitor, and eventually control these communities, fast detection and evaluation methods are required. Currently, extensive microbiome analyses assessing the microbiomes’ composition and functions based on sequencing information are still far away from being routine analyses due to the complexity of applied techniques and data analysis, their time demand as well as high costs. With the growing demand for on-time community assessment and monitoring of its dynamic behavior with high resolution, alternative high-throughput methods such as microbial community flow cytometry come into focus. With this issue we want to provide a platform for ideas and workflows that resolve microbial community dynamics with high temporal densities below bacterial generation times to provide insight into the capacity and ecology of microbiomes and to provide access to community control for microbiome based health management.

The target submission date is July 15th, 2019 with a publication date in January 2020. All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed, following standard practices of Cytometry, Part A.

For more information on Cytometry, Part A with regard to author guidelines and publication charges, please, refer to the journal website at When ready, please submit your manuscript directly at the Cytometry, Part A manuscript submission site. Please state in your cover letter that the submission is intended for this Special Issue.


Guest Editor 1 Susann Müller, Ph.D. Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research – UFZ, Germany:

Guest Editor 2 Hyun-Dong Chang, Ph.D. Deutsches Rheuma-Forschungszentrum Berlin - DRFZ, Germany:

Guest Editor 3 Edouard Jurkevith, Ph.D. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel: