Marketing Channels and Opportunities for Sponsors

Everything is located within an intuitive and easy-to-use framework which incorporates innovative interfaces for designing flow cytometry experiments and locating reagents for antibody-based techniques. This makes Chromocyte the primary independent flow cytometry and antibody resource and an ideal platform for raising your profile in the competitive flow cytometry and immunology reagents markets. A brochure describing the benefits of sponsoring Chromocyte can be obtained by emailing us.

Banner Advertisements

Leaderboard advertisements are prominently positioned on Chromocyte pages in order to encourage high click-through rates and strengthen profile and branding. Click-throughs are registered. Format of Banner Ad would be a rotating Leaderboard of 52 x 234 pixels which can be supplied as a gif, jpg or png file. We also host static or animated .gifs on our homepage (450 (width) x 90 (height) pixels)

Product Listing

Generate Sales Leads Online: Life science professionals come to Chromocyte to research products through our comprehensive database and unique search interfaces. By organizing products into easy-to-locate product categories that are paired with relevant support resources, Users are able to quickly identify relevant products and view all specifications and product information.


• Product Specifications

• Product Description

• Vendor Contact Information

• Link to Vendor Website

• Comprehensive Antibody Library

• Unique Search Function

E-mail Campaign


Sponsor or feature your product in our monthly Chromocyte E-Newsletter in order to increase awareness. Chromocyte's E-Newsletter is distributed to a targeted audience of Life Science Professionals (currently more than 27,000).


• Image

• Product Description

• Vendor Contact Information

• Link to Vendor Website

Newsletter Categories: Latest News and Products, Product Focus, Courses and Events, Promotions

Company Link Package

•  Product Focus Page(s) dedicated to the Company in the EDUCATE section of the Chromocyte website.

•  Direct links to the relevant subject area are also provided in the LOCATE interface

•  A Product/company description (as supplied by yourself)

•  Links to downloadable files or resources that provide customized details on you and your products.

•  A link to your Company website.

•  A quarterly report on the clicks you receive on your page, including statistical information.


For Further Information Please Contact:

Tim Bernard

Sales and Marketing

Chromocyte Ltd

t: +44 1869 238 377