Generate a Bespoke Fluorophore Compatibility Poster: User Guide

Flow Cytometry gets even more personal......

Chromocyte has launched a new feature which allows users to generates a poster which lists the fluorophores that are relevant to their own specific instrument

As we all know, flow cytometry instrumentation is becoming more complex and the concept of a 'standard' configuration no longer exists.

  • Would your life be easier if you could quickly and easily see the fluorophores that match your instrument?
  • Would your life also be easier if you could easily share this information with your colleagues?

If the above apply to you, then you should try out Chromocyte's bespoke instrument configuration functionalities.

As well as helping you configure your instrument and searching for relevant antibody panels using our CALCULATE interface, our latest unique feature enables users to generate a colour coded poster which summarises the fluorophores that are consistent with a particular instrument:

  • Select your instrument* from the drop down menu
  • Select your lasers*
  • Select the filters* for each laser
  • Download a colour-coded poster (.pdf file) which lists your instrument configuration and the fluorophores that are compatible with it

 *if required options are not available, then please let us know so that these can be provided.ter


  Click on the image below to download an example of the poster that can be generated in just a few simple steps: