Chromocyte Explained: User Guide

Welcome to Chromocyte and 'our new way of doing things'. Our aim is to provide an intuitive, easy-to-use and USEFUL resource which is tailored to the needs of Users and Sponsors alike. We welcome any comments that you may have on the resource (good or bad) so that we can continually update our content. We aim to list only relevant resources and so any which are not received favorably will be reviewed and replaced if necessary.

The continuing improvement of Chromocyte requires your constructive feedback and suggestions for content and resources and it is for this reason that we have included the ability to rate resources in our EDUCATE environment.

The future of Chromocyte very much depends on the support of our Sponsors and so we urge you to use the resources that are available and recommend us to your preferred Supplier. We are continually adding product information and so please do call back regularly. Although we have endeavored to make Chromocyte as intuitive as possible, we thought that it might be useful to provide a summary of its features. You can download a poster describing these features by clicking HERE.


From here you will find links to this page our Antibody Library (see below) and a number of other resources. You can also access our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and follow a link via which you can rate us. The Welcome Page also links to our four principal environments:

CALCULATE: Configure your instrument and search for antibody conjugates.

The CALCULATE environment allows you to configure your cytometry instrument and search for antibody conjugates using our intuitive interface. If you are registered with Chromocyte, then you can save your instrument configuration. CALCULATE allows you to specify individual reagents and will generate a list of those that are potentially suitable for your instrument. In STAGE 7 (Label Selection) you select one reagent for each laser/filter combination and these selections form the basis of your search. CALCULATE then returns a list of companies that can supply the reagents that you request. Chromocyte uses a 'tick' system so that you can immediately see how many reagents each Supplier can provide. If you click on the link for a Supplier, then this generates another window in which the results are displayed. You can download this list as a .csv file (opens in programs such as MS Excel and Open Office Calc). The spreadsheet includes hyperlinks to the Product Datasheets.

Please be aware that it is impossible to determine the correct combination of reagents for a given experiment and the use of Chromocyte cannot replace the need for a good understanding of flow cytometry principles and practice. The onus is therefore on the User to decide on the best combination of reagents for their experiment. The system does not take into account potential issues relating to spectral overlap/compensation and these must be considered in the context of your own work.

Chromocyte is in continuous developmental and please contact us ( should you have any problems with the system, or should the configuration option for your particular instrument not be available.

LOCATE: Search for reagents using a selection of dropdown menus

The LOCATE environment allows you to search for reagents using a selection of dropdown menus. Uniquely, it allows you to generate a list of reagents and search for these with a single click. The results are provided in the form of a Supplier list in which the reagents that each can provide are indicated using a 'tick' system. You can view the list of reagents available and download this as a .csv file as described above.

If you are searching for a single antibody, then it might be quicker to use our ANTIBODY LIBRARY which lists all of the reagents which are currently in the Chromocyte database. The ANTIBODY LIBRARY can be accessed using the link on the Welcome page. Clicking on the reagent of choice will produce a list of the conjugates available and clicking on the conjugate of choice will list the Suppliers from whom the reagent can be obtained. This list includes summary information on the product and a hyperlink to the Product Datasheet.

The LOCATE section also provides links to other product-related resources and links to a variety of useful sites, including Meetings and Conferences and Positions Available. 

 EDUCATE: Commercial & Non-Commercial Flow Cytometry Database

The EDUCATE environment provides links to a number of commercial and non-commercial Flow Cytometry resources relating to flow cytometry and antibody-based techniques. You can rate and provide feedback on the resources and link directly to the manufacturer's websites. Suggestions for additional content are always welcome.

COMMUNICATE: Discuss Flow Cytometry

The COMMUNICATE environment allows registered Users to interact with Chromocyte and other users by posting comments on varying topics. As the aim of COMMUNICATE is to provide content which is valuable and of relevance to you the User, we are seeking suggestions for the categories to be included here. You can make these by registering and adding comments to the 'Catergories to be Added' posts. We are also seeking 'Top Tips' and if you have any new approaches, then please do post these. We plan to include some of these in our Monthly E-Newsletter.