Antibody Panel Design - Panel Builders
Setting up multiplex experiments has become increasingly complicated due to the development of flow cytometry instruments which are able to handle an increasing number of channels, and a vast number of conjugated antibodies on the market. Getting the right combination of antibodies against multiple targets, conjugated to fluorochromes whose emission spectra don’t cause compensation issues from spectral overlap is challenging. This is where online panel builders are extremely helpful. Many of the major companies stocking flow cytometry antibodies now have their own version of this tool built into their websites. This is because choosing, and then sourcing, a selection of fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies for multiplex experiments can be daunting and incredibly time-consuming.

These free to use panel builders have many user-friendly features, taking into account the capabilities of the operator’s flow cytometer, collecting details of the machine, including its inbuilt lasers and filters. Then, combining this with the experimental criteria required for selection of antibodies, such as the target species and target protein. This data is used to make suggestions for compatible antibody combinations. Many of these panel building tools will also source antibodies for you, from either their own range of products if an antibody supplier, or from the general market place if independent.

If you have a multiplex experiment in mind, and are not sure where to start let Chromocyte help you. Chromocyte’s panel builder, called the Calculate interface, utilizes the characteristics of your instrument and experimental criteria to suggest antibodies from multiple suppliers, to give you the biggest choice of antibodies for your experiment. More information on panel design can also be found here.